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I recently discovered the importance of reflect and project sessions…

I worked for a few days with Rick Elwood and I wanted to share his story with you…


IM Coach Turns A 52 Year Old IM Wanna Be’s Business Around In 3 Days

I Had Been Spinning My Wheels For 9 Year’s Just Buying WSO’s And BSO’s…Read My Personal Report On How An IM Coach Turned My Business Life Around In Only 3 Day’s!


Hi, I’m Rick Ellwood and I’m an alcoholic.. No I’m not really, well I hope not? OK maybe I am because I do like a pint of beer or three on a Friday evening. Sorry gone off track already 😉

Seriously though, I am at the time of writing this, I am 52 years old and I would like to call myself an internet marketer but until you have made money performing the skills as an internet marketer then I guess you aren’t one?

From here on in I am going to use the initials IM for internet marketer because it’s just easier and it’s hurting my fingers typing this out so often.

I started out in IM buying a Michael Cheney Product back on the 11th May of 2008 called Affiliate Millions. It was a great course too but a hell of a lot of money for something that was being sold online and as Michael professed in his sales videos and copy “Just follow what I do and you too could be seeing $1000’s drop into your paypal account daily!). Wow, I thought this is amazing and it looks so easy too.

It was so easy that inside that course it did literally show you everything that you needed to know but it was also linked to other products that I guess Michael would earn a commission on and to be honest that is when I drifted away from the core product and became a repeat buyer of BSO’s (Bright Shiny Objects or is it Bull Shit Online?) as well as many other “Make Money Online” products.

Anyway, almost nine years to the day here I am writing a report on how I have just had my IM life changed by a IM coach.

To be very honest and blunt, my perception of a IM coach or a IM Guru who offers their coaching for usually four figures or more, was that they just wanted to sift out the more wealthy people on their list to fleece them of even more money.

How many times have you heard the IM guru say to their tribe, to get to be successful you need to get yourself a coach? I had heard that so many times it used to make my blood boil. However, I recently had a IM coach turn my life and my IM business around in only three days and I’m going to take you through what he did and what he said to me in every little detail.

Why? Well because I can say from first hand experience, That I would look at this guy prior to now knowing him and think “Who are you and why are all these IM guru’s shouting out how good you are?.. Prick!”



How all this came about was within a group called Society Eleven, it’s a paid for membership of like minded internet marketers who are sick and tired of the bullshit type products that seem to be the norm today and I guess the aim is to stamp that crap out and build trust again in our industry if we can call it that.

Within the group we have IM’s from all over the world and of varied experience, from beginners to top 6 and 7 figure earners all paying a monthly fee to be there. What is so good about this group is that no question and no one person is ignored, everyone wants to help out and bring value to the table.

At the start of every month we have the opportunity to tell the group about the goals that we have for that month and to start the post with #Accountability. Doing this makes you accountable to the group and certainly for me, it has helped me be more active in my goals. Towards the end of the month one or both of the group leaders Andy Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley will give a reminder to those people, that we are coming to the end of the month and ask how are we all getting on with our goals?

Let me tell you this, if you are anything like me? You procrastinate alot and just don’t get anything finished, then this is an excellent way to push yourself because those guy’s will call you out if you don’t put your results up there for all to see!

Look, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get to reach all of your goals, but what you will find is that it really motivates you to get stuck into stuff and get things done rather than just pussy foot around and buy more shit that you ain’t going to use.

My Accountability Post

I had put up my March goals which was to get shut of or sell some of my 116 Domain names. I wanted to at least get my money back on them as some I’ve had for like 8 years and the rest seemed to be at least a couple of years old. I delved into ways of selling my domains which was very eye opening and by doing this research I unearthed some great places and methods about selling and utilizing domain names. This gave me the idea of producing a product on selling all those domains that sap your cash on a monthly or yearly subscriptions.

That my friends is a product that will likely follow this one? I just need to pull my finger out and get that product together. For now let’s get back to my life changing experience…

Last week was a week I will never forget,Why you may ask? Well I’m going to tell you anyway 🙂

I am a member of a internet marketers group called Society 11,it’s a paid membership and is without a doubt the best membership that I have been in, certainly within the IM niche ever since I started out in May of 2008.


In this group we have internet marketers that are very well known within the industry and we have people who also have just started out too. One of the key subjects in the group is for everyone to help each other out if they feel they have the skills or knowledge to suit.


At the start of every month the administrators ask the group members what goals do they have for the next 30 days or so? However small or large the targets are the group are aware of your goals and you are to mark them with the #hash tag them as #accountability posts.


My April goals were to sell some of my 116 domain names as I failed to sell any the month before however I did resist renewing a few and I was down to 112. No great achievement I know but it is at least going in the right direction.


What I did though throughout March in my quest to rid myself of these renewing domains,was discover lots of topics and methods of selling or utilizing my dormant domains. This got me to thinking about maybe creating a product around domaining and dare I say it also lead me to buy yet another domain for the yet to be produced product! I just can’t seem to kick the habit….but if you are going to sell a product, you have to have a domain name for it right?

Reflect And Project

That aside for the moment and back to the internet marketers Society Eleven group, that from now on I’m going to refer to as IMS11.com. A guy by the name of Richie Nolan did a Facebook live within the accountability section asking if any of the group would be up for doing something that he called “Reflect and Project”?


Richie went on to explain that he found that doing a reflect and project session with each other, would help keep those members who had put their goals on the group wall accountable and that he would like to ask who would be up for getting together with him on a regular basis to ensure we kept each other accountable to follow through.


I thought that this would be a great idea and even though I had seen Richie before on the odd post within the group and on a Friday evening in what is called the IMPub, I didn’t really know too much about him or what his background was.

Who Was This Guy Richie Nolan?

It turns out that Richie Nolan was a coach to a number of high end internet marketers from all over the world! Crap I thought, what have I let myself in for here? To a certain extent I was hoping he wouldn’t reply to my acceptance post because to be honest it was about the 11th of April when I put myself up there on the willing to do it list. I say list, out of a group of near two hundred people, I was maybe one of three or four.


The next day Richie Facebook friended me and messaged me to meet him online for a accountability chat. I was kind of nervous but curious in how this was going to work. We agreed on a day and time and Richie sent me a link to go to via messenger. It was around 24 hours away until our meeting and what was rather weird was that I was suddenly inundated with Richie Nolan facebook lives and seeing his internet presence everywhere.


At first I thought it was something cookied into my computer, but it was just one of those things that you experience when you have finally purchased the car you always wanted, you see them bloody everywhere!

The truth though,the guy was and still is a workaholic and doesn’t seem to sleep. I was thinking to myself, wow you’ve got a meeting with this guy tomorrow so you better get your shit together.

Day Job Killer

At this point I think I better let you know what my occupation is, I am a Kitchen Design Surveyor, basically what that means is a fancy title for, if you want me to take measurements for your new kitchen prior to having it designed or you have had your kitchen designed and you would like me to check that it fits? Then I’m your guy!

The company I work for generally has me working in an area that covers about a 35 mile radius around the showroom I’m assigned to.

Back to our instant messenger conversation, Richie had messaged me asking if I could get on a call for midday to which I agreed and I spent most of the morning thinking about what I was going to say and what kind of things I thought he would want to know about?

Richie and I both live in the UK so the time that was agreed was midday noon or 12pm whichever way you want to say it, it’s all pointing to the same clock in anyone’s book. As the time ticked away I could feel myself getting more and more nervous and agitated.

The day before I’d asked Richie where we were going to meet online? Skype or Google hangouts ? He replied with a link for a room he had at appear.in

This was the same meeting platform that Andy Brocklehurst held his IMPub on a Friday evening. I got there a few minutes early, booted the website up and waited until the clock struck 12:00. I was prompted to knock on a computerized door and was then told that the room administrator knows you are waiting and will let you in.

I waited patiently for about 5 minutes and continued to knock…but nothing happened? Maybe he was on a call or busy with a paying client?

It got to 12:15pm and I remember checking Google for the term “Midday” too, just to make sure that I wasn’t being an absolute tool!

Nope, I’d got the time correct and for good measure to prove I was there, I actually took a photo of my screen, should Mr Nolan need it?

Well, needless to say that I was less than impressed and I just put it down to another IM guy who really didn’t give a toss about me and I just carried on with my day.If I recall it was April 7th a Friday and it was also my day off from work.

April 10th, I was shocked to get another text from Richie, he apologised for missing our appointment and wanted to know when would be good for us to get together again? I thought about it for a few seconds and replied to him saying that I knew that he was a busy guy and that it was not a problem.

That weekend was Easter weekend and I happen to get 3 days break, unfortunately for me Richie to had plans to go away with his daughter too so that put the stoppers on that. However he suggested that we get together on the Tuesday 11th April at 9pm? I agreed to be there as I usually get home from work between 7pm and 8pm.

The next day I got in later than normal 8:20pm to be precise,My wife had kept my evening meal warm and I almost threw it down my throat knowing that I had just a few moments to go get a wash and change of clothes before jumping on the call.

Here we go,I felt OK and I was eager to get this thing going! Booted up the Mac and headed over to his meeting room at appear.in and waited again…and waited….

I thought maybe he was over on Facebook? So I jumped on FB and opened messenger to see that Richie had messaged me earlier in the afternoon! He couldn’t make this appointment either and asked if we could do it the same time the  next evening?

I was gutted and I’d totally missed the notification on my personal mobile as I usually turn it off in my customers homes.Obviously I replied to Richie and apologised for not seeing his message earlier and again I agreed to his proposal.

The next morning I had a look at what time my last appointment of the day was for work?

To my surprise there had been a number of new measures drop into my calendar over night and my last call was over 70 miles away and a good two hour drive from home in peak traffic hours!

I was never going to make it back in time for our meeting..no way. What a killer of an opportunity!

I had to contact Richie and inform him that my day job had just blown any chances of us getting together the following day as arranged and I completed that message with the words “ Let’s call it a day and if we get together again we can just laugh about the whole thing, all the best Rick”.

Now , I thought that would give Richie the opportunity to let this one go…but was I stunned by his reply!

Oh No! He wrote back and then he sent me a video within messenger stating that even though we were struggling to get together on line at the same time, there was no reason why he couldn’t do it via video.

When Richie sent the video, I was actually sat in the works van waiting outside a customer’s house that was empty but I had arrived 30 minutes early so I eagerly watched it to see what he had to say.

Richie started saying that we were both very busy people and could understand as to why we had been missing each other.

Richie Makes Video 1

Richie scans through the accountability post that kick started our Reflect and Project process, finding my post that stated my goals for April 2017 which was to sell at least one of my 116 Domain names even if was at a loss because in the previous month I had not sold one.I did however, find out a number of ways that I could sell or utilize the domains within the month of March and this inspired me to create a product around those methods. That too was part of my April goals along with a personal goal based that I didn’t divulge other than say it was based around my health and lifestyle choices.

To my horror he picked up on my personal goal rather than the internet marketing one!

Richie wanted me to start off on the personal goal and gave me instructions to make two videos per week to put on my blog at http://rickellwood.com and to do one on a Monday and one on a Thursday.

I was to list out three things that I wanted to achieve by the next time I record my next video on the Thursday and the reasons why I was doing them.

Then Richie wanted me to list out all of my domains and pick one then pelt out ways to sell it , make a list of step to get it sold within the next 7 days.

That wasn’t so bad, I thought to myself, sitting back in my van in my total comfort zone. Boy was I mistaken? I got home that evening and thought about what I was going to do the next morning.

I have put a fair bit of weight on over the years and I think to when I was just leaving school and I only weighed around eleven stone and to be honest I can’t remember exactly when I weighed myself again, but it certainly wasn’t just after school. I do remember being around the 12 stone mark when I think I was 19 years old going for a medical and an exam for my attempt to join the Police force.

Fast forward to the day of my first Vlog, I sat in my comfy chair and wrote out my goals prior to doing my first Vlog before I left for my day job.


My First Accountability Vlog

Once I had completed this, I knew I had to follow through and complete a video recording and that is when the nerves kicked in and let me tell you from someone who has been in the face to face selling arena for over 30 years, that this was one of the scariest things I had ever done!

I was sweating, I was crapping myself and I was talking like a news reader who was announcing World War 3!

Here is my first accountability video recording:

My First Accountability Video

I think this was only the second or third time that I had used Camtasia too? If you can bare to watch it, you will notice that the sound is not great and that I’m almost in complete darkness.

Richie Rips Into My Video

Richie posted this in Messenger after watching my first video “ Had a look at your blog Rick… You need 30 mins with me so I can coach you on presenting and filming for an audience

I have paid one of my staff to transcribe your video

I want you to read it and tell me how you feel after you have read it

When this message came through, I was in my works van having a quick break and I replied as quick as I could because he ad paid to have my video transcribed!

“Wow! Cheers. I’ll check it out tonight when I’m home. Thanks again Richie”

As soon as I got home I went to the download files area within Society 11 Facebook group and found the said file.

By the way, if you are already a member of S11 then you will have access to it too. However if you aren’t yet in S11 then here is the link to that Transcribed Video

Did you watch my video? If you did, you will have found it very difficult to watch and actually the sound was so low because I had no idea my Camtasia recordings were set too low. I know that there were a few marketers who were having issues hearing it and I replied to their comments about it.

Richie also jumped in on those comments and blasted me with his advice “ Forget about the sound or anything else, just go read the transcript and tell me what you feel about it?”

This Guy Just Kept Giving Me Stuff To Do!

Meanwhile, Richie continued to keep the momentum of giving me stuff to complete via Messenger!

I was still studying my video transcript and highlighting things,making notes and cringing at watching that video again!

What was yet another shock, was that Richie had put links to my video up on the S11 Facebook group wall as he produced a FB Live recording asking people to go take a look and also he did give me some encouragement about it too.


Richie Gets Brutally Honest About That Video Privately 1-2-1

Richie hits me between the eyes with direct but constructive criticism and advice that shook me up but also changed my actions and motivational traits that had been dragging me along for so long.

This video is not even in the S11 FB group so if you want to know how an IM Coach like Richie works his magic on me? Then this is the video that will show you what to expect.

Here is my feedback message to Richie:


Richie Just Kept Pushing Me And I Felt Like Rocky!

I knew that I had to do better than what I had first produced and what Richie had said just brought it all home to me.

I was about to go to my day job and then Richie send me another message:

I took a look at it and I was thinking to myself “Crap this guy just doesn’t stop giving me stuff to do!”

But I knew I was getting something that I had never experienced before, Richie was a top IM coach, he was the guy who coached the IM Guru’s, shit he’d even worked on Tony Robbins!

This was golden and I couldn’t believe how I was feeling!

Another message drops into my mobile…


I made a comment about having to go to work and put a sad face on the chat 🙁


Where Is The Video Rick?

I went to work and had completed two appointments and sat in my van to grab some lunch. I thought I’d just check my personal phone ( I have a works phone too), to see if anything had come through by way of email that was worth checking out. I then happen to take a look at Facebook…and Richie was doing a live cast and I took a look. The next thing I saw was Richie shout out RICK ELLWOOD!

I almost dropped my sandwich on the floor as I scarpered out of Facebook because I really had to be getting back to work.

I didn’t get away with it though and I wasn’t going to just ignore Richie after him helping me out like he had.

Ping! Ping! I Knew It Was Richie

This Next Message Had Me Sweating Like A Pig

What Did He Say? Do A Facebook Live!

Needless to say I was stunned when I read that message. My whole body was in a state of panic and I felt rather sick in my stomach as I thought of all those people who are going to be able to see me just go to shit live on camera.

But then I also was thinking that this guy needed to see that I was serious about moving forward and building on what I’d done so far.

I couldn’t let Richie down, I couldn’t let myself down and I wasn’t going to let fear get the best of me, all I could hear in my head was “Do it,do it ,do it!”.

I fumbled around with my mobile trying to find the live button, hell I didn’t even know how to do a Facebook live!

Eventually I found the button and just pressed it and saw the count down


I Still Had My April Goals Video 2 Before The Day Was Up

OK, I know that was a little better than the last time I was on camera and even though I was absolutely crapping myself, I felt relieved that I’d got the whole experience over with and at the time I was more concerned as to who had seen it?

I looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be found? I was convinced Richie thought I’d lost my nerve and was just making excuses.

I had two more appointments to do and I had around 30 minutes to kill waiting in the van on my last appointment. I thought ok it’s now or never because I knew Richie would be on my case before the day was out.

I set up my tablet and recorded my April Goals Video 2 live to Youtube and you can see that there is definitely a change in everything I was guilty of in my first attempt.

Go and take a look, it’s like night and day!


Richie Wants To See My Video         

I felt relieved that I’d done the video before getting home and all that was required now was to get it uploaded from Youtube and get it onto my blog for Mr Nolan to hopefully be a little happier?

I Was Totally Shocked By Richie Nolan’s Reaction To That Video


Richie sends me an audio message and laughingly he starts out with

“ haha,it’s so funny YOU are hilarious ! You ate 6 mini eggs and had a Cinzano you are absolutely hysterical,it’s so much better and it’s embracing it’s warm and it feels like you are hugging the camera, it’s absolutely FANTASTIC and I’ve paused it and I’m going to watch the rest of it now!


The Exact Point That The Bulb Comes On!

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that, I could feel a massive weight drop through from my chest through to my toes. I was walking on air and to be open and honest about it, I could sense a feeling that this was in fact a life changing moment for me, without a doubt and I was going to push myself from there on in to be the marketer I always wanted to be and more!

This was just the beginning of my journey to an online career even though it’s been NINE years in the making!

I want to thank you for taking the time out to read this case study and I hope that it has inspired you or has you more motivated to get started on your projects or goals?

I want to thank everybody within S11 that gave me support and all those marketers that have encouraged me along the way over the last nine years.

I know this is getting to sound like I’ve won the Oscar Award for getting my shit together, but I would like to single out a few people personally who have been key to all of this coming about and a few of them will wonder as to why I am giving thanks to them but believe me they did play a part along the way and they are ; Obviously Mr Richie Nolan, Andy Brocklehurst, Fred Ferguson,Huw Hughes and Rob J Temple .

Finally, as sentimentally and soppy it may be, I can not have done this without the support of my wife Clare who has been and always will be my rock.

Cheers again and remember….Stay Focused!

Rick Ellwood



Richie Nolan

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