They left him for dust with no training or coaching.

This is going to be a very candid and honest piece of advice for all of you guys, my subscribers…
I recently had a 121 call with a new client who told me his story which I would like to share with you as I would hate any of my guy to fall into the same pitfall or trap.
For the record I’m not totally against MLM but its not something I would recommend.
(MLM – Multi-Level Marketing)
I won’t mention this chaps name to save his identity but he was offered a deal where if he invested a certain amount he would be entitled re seller rights to sell this companies offers at a rate of 100% comms
He bought in at $10’000 which OK is pretty high but not unheard of, over the course of the next six months working with this company he invested a further $30’000.00 and they left him for dust with no training or coaching.
Over six months he spent $40k and this company has now gone bankrupt, all their assets frozen with no possibility of a refund for at least the next 18 months…
I’m giving you the short version of this story – One could argue it was the clients stupidity for investing so much with no return or indeed very little evidence of proof… However its a classic case of large companies preying on the weak.
Its idiot charlatans like this company who give Internet Marketing a bad name.
I don’t want to be negative but I merely want to stop anyone on my list from making a similar bad investment so make sure you adhere to the following before even thinking about investing in any venture:
* Research the company thoroughly
* Do they have success stories or testimonials?
* Ask if they have any further upsells from the POS (Point of sale)
* Don’t make a decision based on emotion.
* Do NOT put yourself into debt! i.e. make sure you can pay your bills in addition to investing
I certainly hope this helps, If you have had a bad experience let me know about it so we can prevent anyone else getting ripped off.
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  1. Very true and important advice Richie.
    Today’s copywriters are honed in their skill to get us to buy because of an emotional or monetary need that the product is supposed to fulfill (usually lack of money), therefore as you said, we do need to be on our guard and not buy into everything.

    Researching the company is so important, especially when dealing with so-called “Financial MLM’s” or similar types of systems. If a company provides you with testimonials, see if you can find those people in real life (social media) and ask them personally of their experience. Many people offer testimonials in their start up euphoria, only to later experience the disappointment and failure as in your clients example. Their “after real use” testimonials might save you a lot of grief.

    As Richie says, do your due diligence and learn to research companies and offers, especially when they carry such a high ticket investment.

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