Shiny objects and buying courses and products that have gotten me know-where!

I would like to share with an epiphany one of my coaching students had during a coaching call with me:

“I have taken the plunge – I myself have been a victim of shiny objects and buying courses and products that have gotten me know-where!  Does this sound familiar?  I dread to think how much I have spent over the year researching, learning and absorbing multiple different systems and methods to make money online.  Don’t get me wrong I have made the odd sale here and there but then it never lasts and you convince yourself there must be something better out there for me?

I released that I needed to change my mindset and do three things if I was ever going to create a steady passive income from this online thing I have been playing around with for years and years:

  • Stop spending money
  • Get a good credible teacher/mentor to guide me and hold me accountable
  • Take action and implement one strategy and stick to it
  • Focus on the pain points of my customer and ensure I add value
  • Set myself realistic goals

So with a new mindset and a new me I have taken the first steps towards securing mine and my families future with these five simple steps. I have unsubscribed from ALL the lists of people constantly trying to sell me junk and I am writing my first blog post in over 3 years to you my lovely audience!”

Sometimes it just takes a little accountability and responsibility for us to take action. For me it was a real privilege to be a part of this persons change in mindset and I will ensure they stick to their plan.

The video attached is one I created last year to show what you can achieve simply by being proactive – You don’t need to be technical, You don’t need to be an expert, You just need to work hard and be dedicated to adding value and serving your customer and not yourself.

Let me know if this resonates with you…

At your service as always


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