Set your goals and stick to them!

Set your goals and stick to them!





It’s OK to fail by the way, you have to start somewhere…

I promise you for every win I have been fortunate to experience within my online business I had 9 failures before I got to 10!

You just didn’t see them…

I’ll share this one with you, Today was literally the first time I used a skipping rope since I was maybe 7 years old so nearly 30 years…

Before I attempted it I told myself I was going to achieve 100 uninterrupted revolutions before I left the gym…. woops!!

This video shows the first few seconds….

I was perhaps a little optimistic with the goal as you can see i’m not a proficient skipper!

I was there for a full 29 minutes trying to get to 100 full revolutions prior to 29 mins the closest I got was 88 after 8 minutes!


With a PINK skipping rope too, it made me feel very pretty lol…

NEVER give up!

Next goal on Friday is 200 full revolutions

What are your goals today and this week?


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