Managing social media accounts – FACEBOOK

Learning how to manage social media is a full time gig right??


Once you figure out who you are reaching out to and building your audience relationship with then stick to four platforms…

We have all heard of;

Facebook, Linked-in, Snap-chat, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pintrest, Youtube, the list goes on right… I cant tell you which ones to spend time on to build your audience and grow a following, however I would advise picking a maximum of four of these and post engaging updated articles and expand your brand at least on a weekly basis at the same time every week, whilst always delivering high value and driving people back to your hubsite/blog.

LAst week I showed you guys how to get 65k+ views on Linked-in and hope you had more success simply by following the simple steps I showed you, just incase you missed it check it out here:

Richie’s Blog post teaching you how to get 65k+ views on Linked-in

Lets look at Facebook, THere is so much we can look at with FB training starting with pages, groups, how to rank your posts and how to get enagement however  this all seems to obvious…

Do you get constant friend requests and dont have the time to manage your friends list?

Here is the solution…

The biggest tool I use with Facebook is a mass friend remover plug-in – its completely free and allows you delete “friends” in bulk, if you keep hitting that dreaded 5000 maximum then this is an amazing resource:

Here is the link (its completely free):

Or simply type into google “friend remover pro”

Let me know how you get on!


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