Can you ever have information overload?

Can you ever have information overload?

I’ve been thinking about this subject for months and it has troubled me. There seems to be 2 sides to the argument:

  1. Yes, there is info overload.
  2. No, there isn’t.

Many information products we purchase are what $7-$47 dollars? At these price ranges, they are available to anyone on any budget!

I know one of the main things that ticked me off a few years ago when I started out was the lack of upfront honesty about what the new venture was going to cost you!

I’m always brutally honest about what my ventures and products will cost you up front, such as hosting, realistic traffic costs, plugins, 3rd party spy tools etc, you know the stuff you actually need to run a business on-line.

I had nothing for a very long time, cash was extremely short;  But I believe we must all have that starting point, that low point, that point where we decide that we’ve had enough of life kicking us in the nuts over and over and say NO MORE!

So, when I could afford to eat, I started buying products and the odd up sells, some were amazing, some were a scam, some were memorable and really made me idolize a few marketers out there and some were just shite!


I learned from each and every one of them. I have them all neatly arranged on my D: drive ready at any point to go back and check a master tip or a trick that can save me 15 minutes doing a certain task. Now whether or not I could say the whole product was a money making goldmine, I honestly think is another matter, again but each and every video I have watched or PDF I have scoured through, I have learned something each and every time!

Education and training is our bread and butter. You are either learning or your dying in my opinion.  If you’re just starting out, take heed of these words and stick to your guns and push forward, fall, pick yourself up, learn earn and achieve.

So to round off, can you have information overload?  To me if you are stressing over the amount of information you are trying to work with, it screams that you are not organised.

Get organised and break all of your tasks into easy to manage steps and feel the zen come over you!

I say no! If you structure your learning, arrange your time and take action on what quality products you’ve bought, the very minimum thing you have achieved is educated yourself further, which in my eyes is priceless.


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